On Tour

Let's Run Away

A new solo from the Daniels in the vein of House and Here Lies Henry.  Peter tries to tell us his story but he can't stop interrupting, because it's not told in his words.  A performance of love and abandonment.  

This will be the seventh solo piece created by Daniel MacIvor and Daniel Brooks. 
On Tour

Who Killed Spalding Gray?

On the weekend of January 11, 2004, celebrated American monologist Spalding Gray ended his life by jumping off the Staten Island Ferry in New York. That same weekend on the other side of the country Daniel MacIvor was spending three days in California in a series of sessions with a man who had offered to save MacIvor's life. Linking these two real stories is a fiction derived from the obsessions of Gray and the inventions of MacIvor about a man named Howard who had forgotten how to live. A solo performance about truth and lies and the four most important things in life.

Written and Performed by Daniel MacIvor                        
Directed by Daniel Brooks                            
Dramaturgy by Iris Turcott

for touring availability please contact marcie@reworkproductions.com 

In Development

The Myth of Authenticity

reWork will be presenting a series of Workshop Performances on tour, as a developmental exercise toward a new play with the working title The Myth of Authenticity (or Autology:A Tragedy). A family drama in the form of a comedy, a narrated journey of whimsical melancholia. With songs and a puppet. 
Each Workshop Performance will followed by A Question and Answer. 
In Development

The Scottish Play

Daniel MacIvor and One Yellow Rabbit’s inimitable Denise Clarke are in early stages of development of a two-person play that dissects, dismembers and demystifies that most famous of Shakespeare’s tragedies.  A look a gender, power, superstition and a life in the theatre.